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The film production, TV series production and other media production teams have requirements, the top of the list being flexibility. Every production needs a range of travel and accommodation options that includes flights, local taxis and accommodation.

You may have a perfect location for the shoot but very limited infrastructure. The travel solutions for film and TV productions that we deliver takes account of all these requirements.

India is a land of options, big and small both. It has a vast range of accommodation options from some of the most famous luxury hotels in the world to basic, clean, business class hotels.

AMP in Travel and Accommodation for Film Production

We have been making travel arrangements for the entertainment industry for more than two decades now and know the rigorous demands a tight filming schedule brings.

We completely understand the unpredictability that is involved in a TV program or film production, and that is the reason we offer an unprecedented level of flexibility with every travel and accommodation arrangement.

The quality of the services related to your travel and accommodation will lay a huge impact on both the project and the success of the project. Crew morale can be seriously affected by lousy travel and accommodation.

But we will find you the best deals possible at suitable hotels and make sure that your transport is efficient, comfortable, reliable and punctual.

Flights and Transportation:

We have established exclusive airfare deals with many of the world’s leading airlines so we can get you the best possible prices. Along with the airfare deal we also provide our clients with the best inter-state, intercity and local transportation services.

Chauffeur Services:

We can offer the very best in luxury travel for VIPs. In addition, we provide reliable and cost-effective taxi services for the production team and can organize minibus travel for crew with equipment.

Private Jets:

We also provide the services related to the private charter airplanes so in case you’re dealing with your leading actors or need to get your crew to India’s inaccessible locations, we can help. All in all wherever you’re going, we’ll deliver the best flights and travel packages available.


No matter what the team requirement is, whether it’s hotels, service apartments, short-term lets or something a little more special, we will find you the ideal accommodation at impressive prices. We’ve established relationships with a wide range of accommodation providers and leading hotel chains to offer competitive rates to suit your budget.

Airport Services:

We provide a highly professional and efficient meet and greet service by using our experienced staff. We work with VIPs in our day to day life and we are well aware of how to meet their requirements. Hence we can help in airport check-ins, baggage services and negotiating baggage discounts.

Support Service 24X7:

We will be there at your service 24X7. Wherever you need us or wherever your cast and crew are our 24X7 service will be there to take care of all your requirements. Our established connections and relationships with the travel and accommodation sector let us respond proactively to your needs.

Andromedia Productions (AMP) is really the one-stop for all your film production-related services. We are experienced and provide the best services to each and every client of ours.

If you need travel and accommodation management services along with the other film production services then we will suggest that Andromedia Productions (AMP) is the right choice for you as we also provide our clients with 24 hours of support service.

So, If you are bothered about your travel and stay while you are here, then just leave that also to us! We will give you the best options for your travel plus stay and that too all within your budget, just send us a brief and we would be happy to Produce the project for you.

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